Rafting Tours

Two itineraries available:

#601. Rafting down the Kamchatka River by wooden raft

Season: May 20th - September 20th

The Kamchatka River is the largest river in Kamchatka. In former times the Valley of Kamchatka was the most populous place on the peninsula, with more than twenty five thousand inhabitants. Small villages still dot the banks of the Kamchatka, though many are now abandoned. While rafting down the Kamchatka you will have the opportunity to observe wildlife, including brown bears. The rafting begins at Dolinovka settlement and ends at Atlasovo. Bring your fishing equipment and expect to catch salmon!

Day 1. Arrival in PK. Transfer from airport to hotel. Meet your guide and prepare for the trip.
Day 2. Drive to the old Cossack village of Milkovo, founded in 1743 by pioneers who traveled two years across Siberia in forestsearch of a land to support both fur trade and agriculture. Accommodation in hotel or private house. Check out the museum here and the old Cossack architecture.
Day 3. Drive to Dolinovka settlement, where you will find a village that has changed very little in the past 100 years. Observe old traditions still alive in this small village. Camp on the bank and prepare for the trip. Overnight in tents.
Day 4. Rafting down the Kamchatka River while observing wildlife. Stop to take walks and fish for salmon, trout, char and grayling. Exchange tales around the campsite on the banks of the river.
Day 5. Continue rafting the Kamchatka River. Visit Range Moose Lodge. Try out a Banya (Russian sauna) and smoked salmon. Overnight in lodges.
Day 6. Rafting down the Kamchatka river to Atlasovo settlement.
Day 7. Drive to Esso settlement. Visit museum and learn about the history and culture of the Evens, one of the four indigenous people of Kamchatka. Stop by the art gallery and admire or purchase Even arts and crafts. Relax in the geothermal pool in the center of the settlement. Stay overnight in private apartments.
Day 8. Return to PK by bus. Unwind at your hotel or check out the city night life.
Day 9. City tour including a visit to a local museum. Shop for souvenirs in the morning. Free time. Departure.
Cost EUR 1400 per person

Price includes: the Kamchatka River

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#602. Rafting down the Bystraya River with ascent of Avacha Volcano

Season: June 10th - September 20th

During this tour you will get acquainted with one of the most beautiful and uninhabited rivers of Kamchatka. You will have the chance to fish for salmon in this pristine waterway, and will also climb one of the Peninsula's active volcanos- Avacha.

Day 1. Arrival in PK. Transfer from airport to Hotel. City tour including a visit to the local museum. Meet your guide and prepare for the trip.
Day 2. Boat excursion on Avacha Bay. This boat tour is a unique opportunity to see the fascinating surroundings ofRafting down the Bystraya River Petropavlovsk from the sea, to explore the shores of Avacha Bay, and to observe colonies of seabirds and sea mammals in their natural habitat. The highlight of the excursion is the view of three finger-like rocks, called the Three Brothers, shooting steeply out of the water. Transfer to Paratunka resort. Accommodation in hotel. Relax and bathe in pool with thermal hot water. Rest. Prepare for the trip.
Day 3. Drive by bus to Malky settlement (130 km). Float down Bystraya River, the second longest river in Kamchatka. While rafting you may fish, gather berries and mushrooms, and observe flocks of wild ducks. If you are lucky you might observe bears and Steller's sea eagles.
Days 4-5. Rafting down Bystraya river. Overnight on the river bank. Fishing.
Day 6. Rafting down Bystraya river. End of floating. After lunch you will travel by 6WD bus to Avacha volcano plateau. Base camp. Evening excursions.
Day 7. Ascent of Avacha volcano (2748m). The hike to the summit takes 4-6View form top of Avacha Volcanohours. You will eat lunch next to the summit crater of this active volcano, as you look out on the magnificent panorama of the Pacific ocean, the city of Petropavlovsk, Koryaksky Volcano and Nalacheva Valley.
Day 8. Return to PK. Relax at your hotel or check out the city's night life.
Day 9. Shop for souvenirs in the morning. Free time. Departure.
Cost EUR 1280 per person

Price includes:

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