Dog sledding to Nalycheva Valley
Kamchatka dog-sledding.SEASON: February 1st - April 30th
Departures 2008 March 1

Come and 'mush' your way around Kamchatka like the aboriginals still do, which to this day is one of the most exciting and practical ways to cover the untamed snow-covered terrain. Now you can not only travel by the same method, but also learn to drive a dog sled yourself. You will visit one of the most popular and beautiful natural parks in Kamchatka - Nalycheva Valley, and bathe in its thermal hot springs.

Dogsled to Nalacheva Valley.

Day 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk. Transfer by bus from the airport to the hotel. City tour with a visit to a local museum.
Day 2.
Start a dog-drawn sled drive from Pinachevo settlement to Semenova tourist hut (18km). Stay overnight in hut.
Day 3. Drive by a dog-drawn sled to Nalycheva Valley (22km). Picnic lunch. Accommodation in cabins. Bathe in the Nalycheva thermal hot springs.
Day 4.
Day by dog sled to Aagsky springs (22km). Picnic on the way.
Day 5.
Drive by a dog sled to the Talovskiye thermal hot springs (12km).  After lunch rest or go for a soak in the geothermal pools. Accommodation in lodge.
Day 6. Return to Nalycheva Valley (12km). Accommodation in cabins.
Day 7.
Rest day and bathe in the Nalycheva thermal hot springs. Or reserve day in case of bad weather.
Days 8-9. Dog-sledding back to Petropavlovsk with an overnight in a hut on Semenova tourist base. Transfer to a hotel and evening visit on Day 9 to the Paratunka resort for another chance to bathe in thermal springs. 
Day 10. Shopping. Transfer to airport. Departure.

Cost EUR 2553

Sledge.Price includes:

  • Full board
  • Double accommodation in cabins, city hotels and Paratunka resort
  • English-speaking rep at the arrival and departure in the PKC airport
  • Transfers by coach
  • City tour and museum fees
  • Dog-drawn sledge
  • Snowmobile
  • Guide, interpreter and cook services
  • Visa invitation and visa registration
  • Permits
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Dog sledding and visit to Reindeer Herders

SEASON: December 15th - April 10th
Reindeer HerdersDepartures 2008: March 2

This is the ultimate way to experience the stunning views of this untamed land. Our route takes us over the pristine snow-covered mountain passes, high plateaus and valleys around Ichinskiy Volcano in central Kamchatka. This area is the traditional home of some of Kamchatka's native peoples, and on the trip you will have a chance to stay in an Even reindeer herder's winter camp and the wilderness home of a family of Koryak fishermen. Nights are spent in huts or yurts (large, heated tents). In the village of Esso we will meet the local people, learn about their culture and enjoy their songs and dances. We will also enjoy local food based on the produce of the area - Reindeer and Salmon. The dates of our visit may coincide with the Beringia Dog Sledge Race and we may be able to watch some of it- a unique treat!


Dog sledDay 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk. Transfer from airport to hotel. Meet your guide. Optional city tour included.
Day 2. Early morning breakfast. Ride by a bus to an old Even settlement, Esso. Accommodation in private apartments. Bathing in open-air thermal swimming pool. Welcome dinner with private Even folk concert.
Day 3. Meet our dog teams and their handlers and begin our expedition. Overnight in a cabin.
Day 4. Dog sledding along the Bystraya river to the Imshikan River (42km). Continue to the cabins of a family of Koryak fishermen. Eat supper around a fire in a traditional "shalash".
Day 5. Dog-sledge to the camp of the Eveni Reindeer herders and stay in their yurt enjoying their hospitality and learning about their way of life.
Day 6. Visit the Reindeer herd which roams on higher ground and search for the semi-wild horses that forage along the frozen rivers.
Day 7. Dog sledge to the cabin of another hunter beside an ice-covered river.
Day 8 Return to the fishermen's cabins and enjoy a Russian banya.
Day 9 Dog-sledge through magnificent scenery to Esso. Stay in a guest house.
Day 10 Explore Esso. After lunch, relax in thermal springs.
Day 11 Return by bus to Petropavlovsk. Accommodation in hotel.
Day 12 City tour. Shopping. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

Taboon.Cost EUR3249 per person.

Price includes:

  • Full board
  • Double accommodation in cabins and city hotels
  • English-speaking rep at the arrival and departure in the PKC airport
  • Accommodation in cabins while dog sledding
  • Transfers by coach
  • City tour and museum entrances
  • Dog-drawn sledges
  • Snowmobiles
  • Guide, interpreter and cook services
  • Visa invitation and visa registration

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